Indonesian Muslim Translator

Indonesian Muslim Translator

I’ve been watching some Islamic tv channels recently that I know it from YouTube and some Islamic channels around the world.

I live my life becoming a translator. Watching or reading is one of my favorite things to do. I am enjoying to read some Islamic books and Movies (dialog and lectures). One day, I searched converted muslim on YouTube and I found something amazing to see and gonna back to watch it again and again. In addition, some image pop-up on the right-side attracted me to open another films and Done! I am watching another interesting film about Muslim and Islam and all beautiful things on its teachings.

One of them: Peace TV, Huda TV, Guideus TV 

These are very good Islamic channels, masha Allah. I love to see this channel, streaming and found tremendous and exciting program on them.
When I am watching this. I tell my self “My passion leans on them”. Yes, I recommend all my friends about this channel. Oh, also making this happiness to be more colorful is what I saw from thedeenshow in England. Where a gangster finally found Islam in his heart and make it as his life style.

I do hope that I can do the translation for those including book, movie etc. To me, this is a great thing to do and would be my own satisfaction.


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