Between Indonesian Guy and White Girl

Between Indonesian Guy and White Girl..

Some people may agree with interracial marriage. Some may not. In Indonesia its self, so many couples I’ve seen that white men have relationship with Indonesian girls until they get their marriage. According to some sources which I get from milist and some forums in internet, such as, some of them (whites) say that one of the reasons why the white men (Bule, frequently considered bad by caucasian but not in Indonesian side) love Asian Girls (Indonesia in this case) is because they are more “obey” and “calm” rather than their girls (white girls). That’s what I have read and watched stereotypically in the atmosphere over here.
There are many factors which makes someone loves a couple/spouse from other nations; falling in love with boy/girl in different race (nation) which is commonly said jungle fever. The reasons at least are as follows:
1. Expecting to get better children, so the children they have would be beautiful and handsome, especially taken from Sundanese perspective (based on experience.) 
2. Getting more colorful life and mobilization since by having spouse with different race may have a more fun trip (like visiting many places etc.) that’s what life becomes so exciting, isn’t it?
3. Having less interest in guy/girl from their own country because of having a bad experience childhood, for example, and another things to be the causes.
4. Prestige, willingly to be seen different from the majority of people (for Indonesian girls, some of them feel proud of having white (Bule) husband, some even think that’s not good for them).

So, what about Indonesian Guy vs White Girls? seems to be interesting subject anyway. I dont’ know, some whites or Caucasian (Bule) say: it’s rarely to find White Girl have an interest in Indonesian (Asian) man because: 1. Having a less big (small) body, 2. Having (sorry) smaller Mr. P than whites or arabs, 3. White girls assume that Asian Man even can’t be protecting them. Is that true?

There are some cases, in this country, that we cannot generalize every subject such to be in one case. It because everybody is unique. They have their own features, desires, characteristics… wishes, etc. Some whites here (Indonesia) are also having track in building relationship with Indonesian guys. I have a neighbor that his house is behind mine. He has a darker skin not like most men here (brown-skinned color). His girlfriend is American. Let’s say that her name is Sam. It’s been 5 years since Sam left Indonesia and went to US without Fahri (the guy next door). They had dates and had an intimate relationship. Sam always visit Fahri’s house in the afternoon. I don’t know what made Sam love Fahri. Sometimes, I think that how lucky he was to have a girl friend like Sam which always visiting him in the afternoon because nobody girls visiting boys’ houses at the time, now everything seems to change. We have a culture (east culture) that this is taboo for girls to date guys (visiting guys’ houses). And by the way from this case I know that what people say in the forum is not 100% correct.

Again, the case of Dana and Clara (not real name because I forgot their real name). Dana is not a rich man, He is not good looking at all, but Clara loves Dana anyway. Clara is Aussie woman (30s) claims that she loves Dana since his simplicity (statement that she said on TV at some tv station program).

And what happened then? Clara expressed her desire that Dana to marry her. They’ve got one son from their marriage. The son looks like his mom.You know, having white skin, blue eyes and blonde hair. The widespread rumors have been told that the child is gonna be like the father (majority). But it didn’t happen to them.

Jungle fever is not forbidden or if we don’t want to say it as taboo thing. Who does forbid jungle fever? is it some kind of unlawful thing? No! no one says that.
Is there something which imperatively telling that I am expecting to get white girl? I don’t know actually, but why not?

Anyway, not only white guys the ones who deserve to get Indonesian girls, Indonesian guys either. It since that jungle fever is not forbidden! or don’t you think this is a must? I don’t know 😉


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